Fertile footsteps

If you find
Out of sight can slip out of mind and as a result, some areas of the farm go backwards.


A problem may have been invisible yesterday and yet it is clearly visible today when you are perhaps too busy to deal with it or when it has grown in size and impact.
Applying the old saying The best manure is in the footsteps of the farmer will help you to stay in contact with the areas that may need more attention.

Walk your land is one part of it. Vary the tea run is another. By this I mean that it is too easy to take the usual track and thus miss the same areas each time. By taking a different route you see different things and you may see the same old places with a fresh perspective and thus notice aspects you haven’t on your normal track.

Any part of your land which is neglected in any way — time, attention, effort and so on, will go backwards.

Any area which gets good attention will go ahead, simply because your attention will make it more likely that you will fix most of the potential problems before they become too severe.

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