Flexible females

If you find
Your competitors may be more adapted to market swings than you

Change in the market often happens very quickly, leaving many people behind

The window of opportunity can be very small and hard to see

Opportunity does not always knock loudly

When times are tough, females survive. When times are good, females reproduce, given half an opportunity. If this were not the case, most species around today would not be.

To capitalize on this, use females as dry animals in tough times, making sure that you know which ones are least desirable so that you are ready for Effective culling.

If the need comes or it looks like it might, start culling. From the bottom of the list.

If times improve, make hay while the sun shines and use any window of opportunity to mate the best of the females with the best of the males who have been lounging around in the Sperm bank waiting for this opportunity. First get the females on a Rising plane of nutrition and let them breed some more income.

And having bred the best with the best, put the best of one with the worst of the other gender and vice versa and let them breed something in the middle for some more dollars — but don’t sell them under your quality brand, sell them instead under your lower grade brand.

Flexible females plus Sperm bank plus Ready for opportunity equals a quick Cash crop.

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