Market niche

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Demand has fallen for bulk commodities such as wheat, corn etc.
Prices for bulk commodities have fallen in line with the fall in demand.
A greater percentage of farm produce is going into niche markets.
Basically if a space is unoccupied, something will eventually make it their home. That space could be:

  • a bit of bare ground or
  • a demand in the market for a particular product and so on.

And to be profitable, every farm needs to fill those two niches (spots).

On many farms it seems the most important spot to fill is the one filled by a weed. Individual farmers often see weed control as the biggest issue.

However, what is usually far more important is to find and fill a niche in the market.

Farmers who do this usually find their profitability improves enormously.

The trick is to find the niche that is right for what you can produce and then to fill it so well that there is no problem with competitors.

The market is a bit like parking in the big city, as soon as a space empties, cars appear from nowhere, ready to fill it and often there is competition for that niche.

For more about filling the niche that weeds are after or are already occupying, see Sterile at your peril because if any one thing causes weeds, pests or anything else the farmer doesn’t want, it is an unfilled niche.

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