Small paddock

If you find
Animals range too far
Livestock leave weeds and graze only what they want to graze
A Small paddock allows for intensive pasture management, effective weed management and good animal nutrition.

With relatively high stock density it provides the “hard” that makes a Short hard graze such an effective tool that gets a patch of ground grazed flat or near to it so weeds are taken out along with the desirable pasture or rangeland plants.

Small paddocks need not be permanently fenced. In fact, it is generally better to use temporary electric fencing to create them because that allows them to be adjusted to suit animal needs, weed control, pasture Rest periods and your management objectives.

It is important to keep Animals on the move every day or so as a key part of rangeland and pasture management, and Small paddocks mean that animals have to move to fresh pasture and away from pasture that needs rest so a Parasite management plan can allow liver fluke, roundworms and other pests time to die.

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