Cut and come again

If you find
Your farm has a recurring demand for fresh green feed
Your market has a recurring demand for fresh greens such as mixed salad greens
Consider using a Rolling harvest of a crop that can be cut and left to grow back before being cut again.

This gives you a Rolling harvest within a single crop, allowing you to make a profit on an ongoing basis rather than just a single profit each year.

Examples of Cut and come again crops are:

  • Fodder crops that are cut and carted to animals such as using a forage harvester and wagon. These are often used in intensive livestock setups such as dairies and cattle or sheep feedlots
  • Salad greens that are sold bulk or bagged in single species or mixed species salad mixes to restaurants, greengrocers or supermarkets
  • Strip-grazed pastures that are given a Short hard graze then a Long rest. This is common in dairying and other Rotational grazing systems.
  • Ti-tree grown for oil harvesting

Each of these can be managed sustainably or less so. It makes sense to set it up in such a way that you can keep going indefinitely.

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