Timing as a tool

Using Timing as a tool and Time as a tool (I will explain those terms in a moment) you can get a significant improvement in results from certain operations.

This is because for a lot of farm operations, the when is important.

So, Timing as a tool refers to choosing when you do an operation. For example, by choosing when you close up a particular paddock from grazing you can do it at a time to suit the soil and the plants. A paddock of summer-growing grasses may need to be closed up a few weeks before the end of its growing season so there is enough time for energy to be stored that will kick-start the next burst of summer growth less than a year away.

Time as a tool refers to giving the pasture enough time to regrow. Adequate Rest is the break that allows recovery.

Both of these time-related aspects, Timing as a tool and Time as a tool can be very important for some operations. For other operations they may have little impact on the result.

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