Fed process

If you find
Young animals need a high protein diet to allow them to express their genes fully and develop into productive adults
Young animals are vulnerable to attacks from internal parasites or other pests
Young plants need certain minerals and other nutrients to allow them to establish successfully
Constant yet unpredictable challenge to the survival of your desired species
Feed the process: Whether the process is

  • a young lamb growing
  • the development of a strong immune system
  • starting off a compost heap
  • the development of our minds
  • or any other process which involves change, improvement and growth

there is a need for specific feeds.

Biological processes often need many conditions met to allow the organism to reach its potential. If you do not provide enough time, protein or certain other conditions, the organism may be limited throughout its life.

A young lamb growing needs plenty of good quality protein or the makings of protein so it can build a strong body. It also needs good feed to grow a strong immune system as it faces challenges from parasites and other pests.

The development of immunity needs the combination of Feed-filled genes, Feed for growing stock and Challenge handled well. If any of these is lacking, the animal will not develop its Immune response to a high level and thus will not be well positioned to beat off challenges.

To start off a compost heap and have it develop adequately and produce heat-composted Active compost, it needs the right carbon to nitrogen ratio. If that is out, it will not generate enough heat to kill soil-borne diseases and kill weed seeds. Get it right and the process rips along, producing excellent compost fast.

As well as being fed on oily fish, our minds really need to feed on ideas and knowledge and understanding presented in a way which connects with existing structures. Then the brain can grow in its capacity to handle info and problems.

I hope I am providing material that helps you grow your ability to manage your farm well.

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