Ready for opportunity

If you find
Being unprepared leaves you with fewer options when situations change
Not knowing ahead of time what is happening means you are disadvantaged
You might as well exploit your advantages, everything else in nature does including every other human on the planet.

One of the key ways to do this is to be Ready for opportunity.

In this way, surprises are reduced and so are their results. You are able to take advantage of and can use any Windows of opportunity. As a result, almost anything which happens can be used to advantage.

Louis Pasteur put it simply: Chance favors the prepared mind. He wasn’t saying that preparedness made you more lucky, it just made you more able to take advantage of whatever happened to you.

Think of a primed pump or a self-priming pump – it is always ready to take advantage (pump) the moment it is turned on. If you still had one of those old pumps that had to be primed, you needed a container, water and the time to do it. Not quite as handy if the fire is already out of control.

In a similar way, if you are ready for the things that are about to happen or that may happen, you can adapt to the change quickly and effectively. If not, you may struggle to make sense of it and then struggle to develop an appropriate response to it.

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