Sperm bank

If you find
It’s not always convenient to keep a stock of frozen sperm on the farm so you can join your animals whenever you want to
It would be handy to be ready to breed more animals if the season or the market went your way
We usually think of a sperm bank as a building or container full of preserved but revivable sperm, just waiting to be artificially inseminated into a recipient.

But a bull lounging around with no females waiting at the fence is just as much a sperm bank. So whether your sperms are in liquid nitrogen or dozing in the bull, they are half your future generation, waiting for the opportunity to spring into action (with your Flexible females).

Because a male may be used at just 2-3% (2-3 males to 100 females) under good conditions he is of higher value than a female and needs more care and attention. If he’s not worth 30-50 cows or something like it, why keep him?

NOTE: This value ratio doesn’t apply to humans — I’ve yet to hear of a society where the ratio of males to females was much different from one to one, nor where one gender was worth multiple times the other. Thankfully also, most human males do not get eaten straight after mating. Instead we humans are All in it together. But I’m biased, after all, I am male. 🙂

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